The End

Hello fellow bloggers,

Since the year is pretty well over this post is my last I will post. I am sorry I haven’t posted in a while. I have to say this was a great year of blogging and I wish it was not over. I want to say thank you to everyone who read my blog and posts. I am glad i got to have this experience of blogging. Goodbye everyone.

Sincerely Tyler

The Skiing Ostriches

The glistening shiny snowflakes started to fall on Mount Ostrich.  “SNOW!” yelled the eleven year old Olley Ostrich as he looked out the window. “Can I go skiing today mom”

“Who are you going with.” Mom said.

“I’m going to go with Ali McOstrich.”

Knock, knock, knock.  “I’m coming!” Ali said.

“Hi Ali!” Olley said as Ali opened the door.  “Do you want to come skiing.”

“I’d love to, I will go ask my mom.”

Olley waited and waited for a long time for Ali to come back and he was starting to leave when the door flung open and Ali was dressed head to toe in her ski gear. “I can see you are ready to go.” Olley exclaimed.

“Yup I am ready to go.  Now hurry up and get your gear on.” Ali said anxiously.  Olley hurried up to his home and got his ski gear on.  Five minutes later Olley emerged from his cozy little home.  “Lets go!” Ali said.

“UP WE GO!” Olley yelled as they were on the chairlift above all the skiers.  When they got off the chairlift Olley was so exited he face planted into the soft white snow.

“Want to have a race, Olley.” Ali exclaimed.

“Sure, bet I could beat you.” Olley said confidently. “Lets go in 5,4,3,2.

But before he could say one, Ali interrupted “First one back to the chairlift.”

“Okay!” Olley yelled as they set off down the mountain.  Ali was about ten feet in front of Olley when she swerved away from a stump but Olley wasn’t quick enough and he smashed into it and went flying, rolling down the mountain Olley took out Ali and they both went flying down the mountain well taking out multiple other skiers.  Crashing into trees on the way down Olley and Ali made it to the bottom of the mountain in pain.

“Wow that was the worst skiing experience I’ve ever had skiing.” Ali managed to say.

“I’m fine, do you want to go again.” Olley said.

“Are you insane, I am in so much pain!” She said exasperated.

“Okay.” Olley exclaimed. “I am going, bye.”  Going up the chairlift Olley was clicking his skis when his ski dropped off his boot and down the lift.  He would have to ski down there. Olley had never dared going down the ski path under the lift with two skis but with one was a whole different story.  When he got off the lift and looked down the path he started shaking. But then he had an idea. There was a sled rental to go down a specific way.

“NOOO!” Olley yelled realizing he had no money. “But maybe I can steal one.” Olley thought out loud. Olley got lucky because there was no one at the stand.  Being an eleven year old he was a very sneaky ostrich.  Olley snuck behind the stand went in the back door and grabbed a sled.

Ali was getting worried because Olley was taking to long to come down.  Ali decided to go up to look for him.  But when Ali had got on the chairlift she saw Olley speeding down the run on a big shiny purple sled with his skis in his hands.  Ali yelled at him “OLLEY! WAIT FOR ME!”

“OKAY!” Olley yelled.  After Ali got to the top she went down the run.  But of course Ali forgot about the stump and went flying again.  Ali was stuck in a snow bank.

Olley started to become concerned, after twenty-five minutes Olley decided to go to look for her.

A very nice ostrich saw Ali and helped her out.

“Thank you!” Ali exclaimed.

“Pleased to help.” The nice ostrich said as he started down the hill. Ali left the snow bank and headed down the mountain. When she got to the bottom she was surprised to find Olley not there. She decided to wait for him.

Olley was up on the mountain about to go down when another ostrich started yelling at him. “YOU STOLE MY SLED!” The angry ostrich yelled.

“Ummmmm… no I didn’t.” Olley muttered untruthfully as he raced down the mountain.  Olley remembered the stump and swerved around it.  Although he remembered the stump he didn’t notice a small fallen tree and hit it and rolled down the hill.  When he got down he met Ali waiting at the chairlift.

“Are you okay.” Ali said.

“I am okay, are you good.” Olley wondered.

“I could be better, I hit the stump again and got stuck in a snow bank looking for you earlier.” Ali said

“Well I hit a fallen tree” he exclaimed.

“Maybe we should head back home and have some hot chocolate.” She said.

“But first, LETS GET SOME PIZZA!”  Olley shouted.

“Umm… from where?” Ali asked.

“From the lodge.” He said

“Lets go!” Ali exclaimed.

After they got there pizza from the lodge they took the bus down to there houses and had some hot chocolate and lived happily ever after.



By: Tyler 🙂

Edited by Tate


Me and My Shadow

Hello everyone,

Have you ever thought about what your shadow will look like when you get older? We have been doing an art piece lately called ‘me and my shadow’.

Me and My Shadow

My pose is a me pretending to be a llama. My shadow I drew is also a llama. I chose that because I find llamas a funny looking animal, and also one of my favorite YouTubers loves llamas. Llamas are one of my favorite animals and that is another reason why I chose a llama. Some are cute and some are funny looking. 

This is one of my favorite pieces of art we have done this year and here is how we make it.

  1. First we got our picture taken in our pose.
  2. Then we got it printed out and we cut ourself out.
  3. Next we drew the ground and glued ourselves on.
  4. Then we drew our shadow, shaded it in, and then drew the shadow connecting to my feet.
  5. Finally we drew our background and then we were done!

In my shading, I mainly used cross-hatching but I used a bit of scribbled shading.

In my art I really liked my shadow and my pose. I think I look funny in my pose and thats why I like my pose. I used creativity in my art by making it different and funny. I am also passionate in my art and I am happy with what I did. I LOVE ART!

What do you think I could have done better? Thank you for reading! Hope you enjoyed! Leave a comment down below.

~Tyler 😛









A Charlie Brown Christmas!

Hello fellow bloggers,

This year is the 50th anniversary of ‘A Charlie Brown Christmas’. My class and I watched the movie today. There is a big story behind thee making of ‘A Charlie brown Christmas’. It started of as a small comic strip called “Peanuts”. One day they got a call from Coca-Cola to do a Christmas special witch Coca-Cola would sponsor.

Charlie Brown is a shy and weird kid. Whenever he tries to do something good, something manages to mess it up and everyone is mean and calls him useless and a blockhead. He always tries to help but nothing goes well for him. He thinks what hes doing is right, but no matter what he does, it is wrong. I feel bad for him because everyone thinks he is a mess up and can’t do anything. His best friend is his dog, Snoopy. Snoopy is an outgoing and funny dog. He is white with black ears. It seems to me that Snoopy and Charlie Brown are complete opposites.

That is all for now. Comment down below if you have anything in common with him or Snoopy.

Sincerely, Tyler 🙂

Edited by Abbie


Second Christmas in HDRCreative Commons License Conan via Compfight

Hello fellow bloggers,

Christmas is a fun time of year when you get to spend time with your family and have fun. Running down stairs to find all your gifts under the tree is fun, but that’s not what it is all about. It is more spending time with your loved ones rather than receiving gifts.

Here are some of my family traditions.

  1. Cinnamon buns. Every night before Christmas, my mom and I make the dough and knead it. We let it sit over night then on Christmas day, after we open the gifts, we finish making them and usually end up eating them all by the end of the day.
  2. Opening presents on Christmas eve. Every Christmas eve each person in my family opens one small gift of their choice.
  3. We make sugar cookies. On Christmas day we make sugar cookies in the shapes of Christmas ornaments and trees.

Let me know your family traditions down below in the comments.

~Tyler M.

Edited by Connor and Tate

The Young Soldier

It was 1918.

He was only 17
and he was strong.
He lasted long
before he was wounded.
15 minutes till it was over.
The pain he felt,
The freedom he gave.

He helped save
our beautiful country,
for that we thank him.

And we will not forget
how he fought on those dim,
dark days.

 We will never forget.


A 17-year-old Canadian soldier lies in a casualty clearing station. He was wounded only 15 minutes before the Armistice on 11 November 1918. Although the legal age requirement for Canadian soldiers was between 18 and 45, thousands of male adolescents served overseas as illegal underage soldiers


~Tyler 🙂 


Pizza! Do You Love It?

Pizza with tomatoesHello fellow bloggers,

In my opinion, pizza is the best food ever! Biting into that crispy crust and the delicious red pizza sauce, but by far the best is the melted, bubbly cheese and the delicious meat topping. When I eat it, it tastes like a big pizza rainbow flowing into my mouth.  Pizza is flatbread, usually topped with pizza sauce, cheese,and any toppings of your choice (mostly meats).

With pizza, you can buy it store bought, ordered from a pizza restaurant, or homemade. In my opinion homemade pizzas are the best. Pizza originated from Italy. THANK YOU ITALY! The worlds largest pizza was recorded as 37.4 meters in diameter.  That’s all for now folks, if you would like to read more about pizza click here.

What’s your favorite pizza topping?

Happy blogging~ Tyler 🙂

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Halloween Art!

My Spooky Victorian Mansion!

My Spooky Victorian Mansion!

Hello fellow bloggers,

As you know from my previous posts, I love Halloween. For the last week or so, our class has been working on some creepy Victorian style houses during art. Mine is up above. If you would like to see some more, visit my classmates blogs. This is how we made them.

Step 1: First we did the sketch of our house on a piece of grey construction paper.

Step 2: Next we outlined our design with a fine liner.

Step 3: We then did the ground, the moon, and a tomb stone or tree or something creepy in oil pastel, on a piece of white paper, the same size as the grey.

Step 4: We next used 2 different colors of water color paints to paint the background.

Step 5: Then we cut out the house from the grey paper.

Step 6: Finally we just glued the house onto the background and then we were done.

It’s that easy, 6 quick and easy steps and then you’re done a really cool piece of art. Do you love Halloween? Let me know down below.

As always, happy blogging and happy Halloween!

Sincerely~Tyler 🙂

Edited by Alinna


Zombify Me!

Tyler zombie

Hello everyone,

2 more days to Halloween! I’m so excited for trick or treating! I love Halloween and I hope you do too. If you love Halloween as much as me, you can zombify yourself by using PicMonkey. Thats what I did with the picture above.

Who else loves carving pumpkins? Making creepy designs and faces is so fun. Gutting them is the worst part in my opinion, but it’s all worth it in the end once you put the little candle in them and look at them in the dark of the night.  I hope all of you have a goooooooood Halloween! What are you dressing up as? Let me know down below in the comment box! (Don’t forget to leave your URL.)

Happy Halloween~ Tyler 🙂

Edited by Alinna